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A relatively short time but with an impressive boom, companies are closely linked with Facebook because its social media strategy passes and inexorably by this network. But as we have explained at some point the marketing operation channeled through a virtual community cannot be organized so capricious or create it because "everyone uses it” it very much depends on the reputation of the brand and can ruin any campaign built around a new product.

The Community manager has an important role in this field but do not forget that the tactics of the company being the administrator of the community which must have sufficient capacity to implement it and the skills to be able to convey what is need to communicate. Once you create a professional profile with a corporate image it ... Read more »

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Many of us would like to leave current jobs and be our own boss. The idea of working for oneself seduces many of us. However, this is not as easy as many think. The reality is very different. In fact, most of us cannot mount a physical business due mainly to two factors: the money and the risk factor. For starters, even a small business requires investment. You need to buy or rent space, buy equipment and pay staff if you have it. You will also have other expenses such as advertising. Risk is the factor that kills most businesses. Even if you are lucky enough to get the capital to start, you should know that about 90% of all small businesses fail within the first year. If your business is one of the lucky ones, you have to invest time and money to build the repu ... Read more »

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While lot of people creates hashtag who use it consistently to become a trending topic (TT) does not mean it will be circulating for a long time. In fact on average a tendency in this social network lasts a few hours and sometimes more than five days, but a label can remain in effect for much longer if you have the necessary elements, so here show some of the keys to your hashtag is successful:

No to taxation. The most common mistake of the user who aims to create a hashtag to become TT is trying to impose its idea something that goes against the nature of social networks and users 2.0 where the freedom to publish whatever they want and whenever it is not right that is willing to lose.

It is organic. Do not think you intend to create a label ” immortal ", however keep in mind that ... Read more »

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The spaces 2.0 -or collective-creations are a reality in cyberspace although social networks and wikis technologies were designed to be informal. it is now possible to juice them out and make them a tool to create a personal branding .

The recipe is for anyone. A student, an entrepreneur, an unemployed and even a manager, you can bet on creating a personal brand. The reason is simple: a person communicates everything from haircut to shine shoes. That is why a good resume is not enough to position you had to go beyond the CV on paper, says Patricia Behisa, branding consultant and marketing.

Detailing the skills and abilities in each network is important for anyone to consult your network meet the professional side of your accounts and most importantly create original content to recogn ... Read more »

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Digital Consumers Trends

The evolution of the digital space and the emergence of new ways to interact and maintain communication become key elements in the new challenges that brands will face during the next within the digital marketing.

In this understanding of consumer behavior will be critical to design campaigns, strategies and activities that appeal to your needs, likes and interests to achieve thus be truly relevant to the target audience.

Here are the most relevant trends of Digital Consumer in 2013:

1.-The entertainment will be a competitive advantage

Is approaching an age where consumers feel that there is no time for activities associated specific ... Read more »

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what to tweet

Share quotes, experiences and content on your personal Twitter account will help you improve your relationship with your customers.

Besides creating a Twitter account for your brand or company, entrepreneurs should consider having their own profile on this social network. Fans generally want to connect with the person behind the brand.

Give customers and prospects a glimpse of your life as an entrepreneur can help create deeper relationships with consumers, the brand apart. The goal, clearly, is to achieve greater loyalty from consumers to your business.

So are 10 things that any entrepreneur can tweet and to allow customers to know another side of him and his business:

1. Personal News

Share important eve ... Read more »

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Today, many small businesses are considering how to get ahead with the economic crisis and online commerce is emerging as possible solution.

Online selling can be a very useful tool to generate profits, as it unfolds on the Web, a market that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year anywhere in the world.

One thing to keep in mind when creating an online business is that not all products can be sold with a good profit margin over the Internet. We must also pay attention to the logistics and transportation costs. Therefore it is necessary to select those that are most suitable products for sale online.

Another important point to note is how we will present the product. Originality is certainl ... Read more »

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The social commerce is defined as the branch of electronic commerce that involves the identity of the buyer 2.0 through the use of social media to promote the process of buying / online selling with the intention of generating new business opportunities through Personalization.

With the explosion of social networks and the increasing use of these spaces by consumers to interact with brands. Social commerce has been a significant increase in recent years. Even it is estimated that over the next few years the social commerce will grow 16% , surpassing other recurring activities such as downloading online content in social networks by up to 22%.

Thus, the marks will be vital to pay attention to this branch of commerce to make the most of it.

Th ... Read more »

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All customers are very important. So why do companies let them go? There are many excuses why people can get off the boat: a change of lifestyle and new consumption patterns, or just a new preference for competition. But the main reason that a customer is going is because they feel not satisfied toward a brand, a product or service.

1. Never assume you know what your customer wants: Maybe you think you know deep down what they need and want the market. What if you’re actually wrong? The first reason why new businesses fail is because companies try to create demand where none exists. Or, start from ideas that were not tested or complicating ... Read more »

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Mobile Marketing

As is known, the rapid growth of the mobile market is one of the cornerstones for the brands with the intention of being in a place and time when consumers are.

It is estimated that 23% of consumers in the world are interested in receiving their handsets and advertising and promotions of their favorite brands that meet system needs and interests.

However, the field of mobile marketing has been little exploited by brands and estimated the investment in this area uses less than 1% of total ad spending worldwide.

For this reason we share the six key trends in digital marketing to brand the whole should pay particular attention:

... Read more »

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