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5 Social Commerce Trends That Matter In 2013

The social commerce is defined as the branch of electronic commerce that involves the identity of the buyer 2.0 through the use of social media to promote the process of buying / online selling with the intention of generating new business opportunities through Personalization.

With the explosion of social networks and the increasing use of these spaces by consumers to interact with brands. Social commerce has been a significant increase in recent years. Even it is estimated that over the next few years the social commerce will grow 16% , surpassing other recurring activities such as downloading online content in social networks by up to 22%.

Thus, the marks will be vital to pay attention to this branch of commerce to make the most of it.

Therefore, the five key trends have taken into account to address the social challenges that will impose in 2013 commerce:

1.-The companies seek to convert the sales commitment

While social networks are seen as an essential part in the process of selling online, over the next year will be consolidated with this idea what brands seek to translate the commitment of followers in sales through the implementation of online shops their different social networking profiles to make the buying process easier.

This will open new opportunities to offer promotions, products and offers even more customized that serve the interests of the brands, and solve the basic needs of consumers in a more immediate and effective.

2.-Mobile devices, great allies in social commerce

The increment in the use of mobile devices with social functions increasingly offers. These devices become cornerstones of social commerce with what brands can learn more about their customers and offer content that satisfy their needs through geo location tools, NFC and social functions to make the buying process more immediate.

3.-Grow the consumer role

Over the next year, the recommendations of consumer perceptions continue gaining strength, so in the field of social commerce buyers will no longer be simple to be an active part of the construction and development of an online store.

Thus, each client will seek to create their "ideal online shop” for a unique shopping experience; same brands have to offer to improve their strategies.

4.-Pinterest is key

The boards of the powerful social network have influence involved in purchasing decisions, the chances of hyper segmental content and interaction between consumers that proposes will make Pinterest a cornerstone in further boosting social commerce relevance in this area already has.

5.-Increased concern for integrated strategies

The behavior of the "new consumer” has led to the emergence of a new trend where the important fact is no where to buy, but how to make the purchase.

So brands have to worry about generating more integrated strategies to provide purchasing process multichannel, multiplatform, timeless and more social to enhance consumer experience.

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