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Make You’re Customers Love Your Service


All customers are very important. So why do companies let them go? There are many excuses why people can get off the boat: a change of lifestyle and new consumption patterns, or just a new preference for competition. But the main reason that a customer is going is because they feel not satisfied toward a brand, a product or service.

1. Never assume you know what your customer wants: Maybe you think you know deep down what they need and want the market. What if you’re actually wrong? The first reason why new businesses fail is because companies try to create demand where none exists. Or, start from ideas that were not tested or complicating attracts customers.

2. Do not make the same mistake: Performs tests start slowly and build your product or service needs and desires of your target audience (or target). So, not only better understand what people want, but you will be able to identify innovative ways to solve their problems and meet their expectations.

3. Always true : To retain your customers every time you deliver on time. If a problem arises, informed the person immediately and explains how you are going to solve. Then, follow up to ensure permanent results. This also applies to your invoices and any correspondence. It is possible to have to create a system to make sure that each task is completed properly and timely executed.

4. Personalize your loyalty programs : To have a successful compensation plan, you plan it, design and implement a systematic way. It is also necessary to expose and prove your value to your team.

5. Train your team : Performs periodic training sessions for your employees with the necessary tools to enhance your company’s reputation, trust, empathy, flexibility and verbal communication skills. This is vital because each customer contact is an opportunity to build your reputation or destroy it.

6. Say "Thank you” : It sounds obvious, but considers this: when was the last time you received a thank you note from a company with which you do business? Or any notice other than the payment deadline? This simple strategy can really positively impact and tell a lot about your company and the value you give to your customers.

7. Stay connected: Though the frequency may change, all customers should receive a message off line at least once a month, as well as an email newsletter or more often, for example, on a weekly basis.

8. Create a customer base list : Though conquer new consumers is critical, it is also true that you must take care that your current customers or those with a long time you are treated "VIP”. Therefore, creating loyalty programs and unique gifts, pre- sales and special promotions specifically targeted to your best and most loyal buyers.

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