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For What Are The Redirects And What Help Web Positioning

The 301 redirect and canonical domains are options that have been used for a long time, but today, both can be a complex issue because it raises doubts and confusion, not knowing properly used within a web strategy.

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Increase in a crawl rate for website is a good sign for search engines. Many times you can see that there are many positive activities and many approach towards your website. There are several ways by which you can improve the crawl rate on your site but it needs a little effort from your side. Crawl rate is mu ... Read more »

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5 Steps to Sustainable Social Media Strategy

Many versions of planning and strategies in social media, prepared by experts and other professionals, which ultimately are generally composed of the same issues more or less similar. Today we share a computer graphics   and a summary of the 5 steps   for a social media strategy and that it is balanced, sustai ... Read more »

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How to make a Mobile Marketing Campaign

The communication channels are being revolutionized by what they call Mobile marketing, where a low budget you can get a big impact.

Advantages of Mobile Marketing are numerous and depend on the type of bu ... Read more »

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Google and SEO 2013 What Should I Be Wary Of

The Internet is a vast and expansive place and it’s easy for the little business to become lost and unnoticed; failing to reach that first page, top ranking position. This is why many small businesses turn to SEO marketing companies, who claim to have the tools and know-how to get your website to the top of the pile. However, such Page Rank Guarantees, First Page Guarantees and Top Guarantee Search Placements may actually be a waste of the small business’s time and mone ... Read more »

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Four Advanced Tricks for Getting the Most Out Of Your Blog Comments

Times change and before the most important for your website to be important in the face of search engines, was to have the maximum number of links pointing from all possible sites to your page, now this is happening to a secondary plane.

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Different Types of Marketing

Due to the large number of techniques and tools used by marketing (especially since the advent of the Internet) to better study and use, it is usually classified into different types.

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5 Essential Aspects in Web Design for SEO

Today the immense of competition generated by Internet is becoming an increasingly important design and functionality of websites. Technical aspects to SEO, usability which provides the user page, among other features are just some of the points that must be based on ... Read more »

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5 Tips for Maintaining Your Blog on WordPress

Most of us care about the creation and promotion of content on blogs. Our concern is the frequency of article creation and commitment we have with our readers. However you need some more work on our part.

You need to find that our blog is healthy; it is one of the cornerstones for success. Search engines are becoming mo ... Read more »

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