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How To Spread Your Brand On Facebook

A relatively short time but with an impressive boom, companies are closely linked with Facebook because its social media strategy passes and inexorably by this network. But as we have explained at some point the marketing operation channeled through a virtual community cannot be organized so capricious or create it because "everyone uses it” it very much depends on the reputation of the brand and can ruin any campaign built around a new product.

The Community manager has an important role in this field but do not forget that the tactics of the company being the administrator of the community which must have sufficient capacity to implement it and the skills to be able to convey what is need to communicate. Once you create a professional profile with a corporate image it once fixed aesthetics we set as an entity in the social network based on targets. This means that we know and whom we want to communicate.

After taking these concepts very clear we assume that we need people who visit our website because it is useless to create content that transcends. The next maneuver implies communication of our new profile. It is currently the Community and a task manager to start incorporating Facebook profile in the email signature on the website of the brand and business correspondence letterhead and business cards. It is very professional send a mail to all customers with the news of the creation of the Facebook page inviting them to share in the inauguration.

A small detail never hurts for example: a small discount or any other small gift is appreciated and often loyalty. The important thing is to create excitement, curiosity and begin to have an audience to steer towards. Companies with higher technology deployment using the SMS on their corporate communications also tend to use this medium to communicate changes and developments therefore draw on this technique with a coupon code to join the fan page as return a gift can also bring people to the site.

Another good way for visitors is to index the Facebook page. Seekers Thus we also find when seeking information about our business. Use the SMO, or Social Media Optimization is a good way to spread our presence on Facebook. How is it used? Typically, they used the plugins own social network to insert a code into your blog with a for example: "Like” or "Share on Facebook” allowing our activity can spread more easily.

With the implementation of these actions is time to be creating content for our visitors. Here are a number of important assumptions to create interest and maintain the level of quality that is expected of us. Provide topics of interest, which may or may not be related to the activity of the company but should create discussion and generate attraction. You must use a language close as an equal, the more "human” is the brand more easily and quickly start interacting. Should be encouraged initiating conversations, inviting participation, is the best way to break the ice when the bulk of followers still shows quite reluctant to comment. Most importantly it is not only "talk” but also to "listen”. Followers raise questions things will also, time to make them feel important part of applying maximum empathy.

It is the best way to keep true to our brand and expand the circle of users. When followers share our links is quite a detail that will be taken into account as an act of deference to the fans and is greatly appreciated. Remember that nothing is left to chance, every detail is important, however insignificant it may seem to us therefore we have to put everything in our power to achieve a healthy community, participatory, with its own voice, free and live a reflection our objectives.

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