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Trends in Mobile Marketing Every Marketer Should Know
Mobile Marketing

As is known, the rapid growth of the mobile market is one of the cornerstones for the brands with the intention of being in a place and time when consumers are.

It is estimated that 23% of consumers in the world are interested in receiving their handsets and advertising and promotions of their favorite brands that meet system needs and interests.

However, the field of mobile marketing has been little exploited by brands and estimated the investment in this area uses less than 1% of total ad spending worldwide.

For this reason we share the six key trends in digital marketing to brand the whole should pay particular attention:

1.-Mobile Social Networking

According to the study, currently 15% of mobile users accessing social networks from the same. This opens new opportunities for brands to interact with their customers and prospects from anywhere, anytime.

However, taking on the competitiveness of the marking, if brands want to capitalize on these spaces in mobile arena will have to worry about providing content that involve not only the brand and the consumer but also take into account the context in which this latter is in the time you want to connect therewith.

2.-Mobile Application Stores

Mobile applications are fundamental tool to attract new customers, make innovative marketing campaigns and optimize users’ feedback.

But these elements to obtain the desired results, it is important to focus on mobile application stores that have a good distribution and a large development community as these platforms tend to have better advertising medium, recommendations and opinions offering users.

3.-Location Services

Will be essential to provide services that offer a better customer experience based on their location, with mobile customer care, service delivery and marketing strategies can be more personalized and therefore more efficient.

The report indicates that the location is one of the trends that generate more interest among mobile users, taking into account that by the end of this year is expected to nearly 800 million users use location services worldwide.

4.-QR Codes

The quick response codes will be adopted across the board between the first two and five years, so brands should start preparing both your target audience and your team to design marketing campaigns to exploit the benefits these elements offer.

This way will be key pieces to increase brand loyalty and build a cutting-edge and innovative image thanks to quick access to information on products or services involved, as well as promotions and discounts both in and out of the outlet.

5.-Mobile Coupons

Although adoption has been slow, mobile users show a growing willingness to participate in the couponing marketing for brands which means a considerable opportunity for customer loyalty in the foreground, and to increase their sales.

In this regard it is important to think of a mobile coupon strategy that integrates multi channel actions, i.e., allowing consumers to access services and redeem coupons through any channel.

6.-Augmented Reality

This element will be critical to improve mobile user experience, as it allows combining the location and context of the same with their mobile interactions with the brand what is presented as something innovative and personalized.

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