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Does Redirects Affects In Web Positioning ?
For What Are The Redirects And What Help Web Positioning

The 301 redirect and canonical domains are options that have been used for a long time, but today, both can be a complex issue because it raises doubts and confusion, not knowing properly used within a web strategy.

This article will discuss both options to see which is the best way to avoid duplicate content, keeping the positioning and improving the user browsing experience.

For what are the redirects

Although there are many gaps in the information provided by Google, there are some guidelines which can guide us when creating a redirect or a subdomain. In simple terms, you’re options are used to:

301 – Indicates a search engine to our website and is not in that domain and has moved to a new site. This will provide the basis to to be removed from their index and index the new page.

Subdomains: Used to notify the search engines that we have different versions of our site. So, the search engine will know what our main sections want to stay within your index and which not.

301 Redirect

Code 301 used in HTTP, is used to make a permanent shift from one location to another. When using this command, transfer authority is achieved, the relevance and ranking of a page to another.

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