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5 steps to Establish A Sustainable Social Media Marketing Strategy

5 Steps to Sustainable Social Media Strategy

Many versions of planning and strategies in social media, prepared by experts and other professionals, which ultimately are generally composed of the same issues more or less similar. Today we share a computer graphics   and a summary of the 5 steps   for a social media strategy and that it is balanced, sustainable and successful plagued medium term.

Here the 5-Step:

1. Investigation and analysis

In this first step is advisable to start with the analysis of your online positioning, know what your assets and your own weaknesses. Investigate and study your competition, know the profile of your customers and know where or which social networks are your potential customers, and seek information on statistics and industry trends to find your company, SME or business.

2. The Strategy

Here is TAZARA the plan to develop the strategies will be part of that plan, determining the objectives to be achieved and the actions to perform. For example, you must select the type and tone of the message we want to communicate, creation of content, which will use channels to distribute this content, what tools we use, what will be the strategy of promotion and advertising, also define the parameters to measure and think in our policy or contingency plan.

3. The Engagement

The Arrangement (engament) is very important in social media and is achieved by listening first, and value content sharing (not aggressive bidding), trying to talk, encouraging your audience, asking questions and building trust with people. Do not forget always to always expand your community through valuable content and using social advertising campaigns in perspective.

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