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Essential SEO Considerations For A Website Design

5 Essential Aspects in Web Design for SEO

Today the immense of competition generated by Internet is becoming an increasingly important design and functionality of websites. Technical aspects to SEO, usability which provides the user page, among other features are just some of the points that must be based on the development of a page.

In the past when a designer created website then SEO expert optimized it and went to a final review by the company that was very long process. Now everything is done together in addition to saving time, better results are obtained.

Understand the market in which you will participate is vital to building a website. In this way you are more likely to match the preferences of potential customers who visit.

To avoid falling into exaggerated designs or impaired, are some tips that will facilitate the set of tasks that require the creation of a website.

1. – Design

The basis success of a website is to combine modern design, that is simply informative and attractive to the user, it must also have excellent SEO work.

One of the biggest challenges required to create a website, is the combination of visuals and content that promotes optimal. Finding the right balance can be taken, but if it can get excellent results.

When designing a website you have to take the side of the visitor, imagine what they want to see and find, in this way of organizing information and sections of the page. The font should be legible and the bottom of the page. With soft colors that do not tire the user’s view and difficult to read.

2. – Usability

The perfect blend of SEO design and usability results. Achieving greatest hits and getting the user to stay on the page longer.

Technical architecture and information architecture. Both focused on the organization of the data, however, the first refers to SEO, to provide information to the search engines and the second user, the organization of sections, photos, etc.…

Best to get the best usability is to experience as an ordinary user would, try different models. Analyze statistics and create sections with the most relevant keywords.

Make sure that the titles are attractive, you can use keywords in them, a fundamental aspect that affects both search engines as users is the speed of the site. A delay in the page can make you lose important clients.

3. – SEO

Here the guidelines must be followed without error, the smallest detail can cause serious consequences.

  • The URL of the page should be simple and friendly, you must tell both users and search engines what the site is.
  • You must create the Sitemaps to ensure that the site will be logged by the search engines.
  • Avoid Flash content because search engines do not identify the information it contains.
  • Always add ALT attribute for images and include keywords.
  • The indiscriminate use of H1 tags is frowned upon by search engines.
  • Use an adjustable design for the site to be viewed on mobile devices positioning site benefits.

4. – Contents

Content is one of the most important that which will motivate the user to stay or leave the site. Both users and search engines appreciate original content. Should be avoided at all costs very specialized language, you may look very professional, but most users can not understand what it is.

5. – Integration

Mobile devices have gained ground among the preferences of users, Google has taken this into account, so it has been factored positioning, visibility of sites on these devices.

Getting the right design, technical aspects of SEO work and provide important information will be important for a site to stand out among the hundreds, possibly thousands of websites that are in direct competition. We must remember, as mentioned repeatedly, the key to success is to achieve an appropriate balance.

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