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Content Writing Tips - How to Write Compelling Content


To all bloggers one of the most difficult aspects in the industry, is  to create compelling content and increase the commitment of its readers. Every blogger wants readers to participate in an article, as it shows that the content is compelling and interesting. Participation works like a snowball effect: people get talking, leading to other people talking, pushing ideas for future posts, making people back, and ultimately help improve the popularity and authority of your blog.

The more popular your blog will have better opportunities to increase their profits. The question is: How can a blogger create compelling content and why it is so difficult in the first place?

Why write compelling content, not always easy?

It is difficult to know how to get readers engaged, but we can speculate a bit. However, it is important to note that people are less likely to participate in a site that does not have a lot of people committed to engaging content, but that does not mean it’s impossible. It just takes time, and if you are writing compelling content and promoting that content, the clicks come.

Why is it so difficult to write?: First, people usually just make a comment if you disagree. Write a piece of content that is controversial enough for someone disagrees is difficult, especially in some blogs. Second, commitment means creativity, and every writer knows that it is very difficult to think outside the box and be creative with each item individually the blog. Finally, write compelling content means you really analyze your audience, and this can be hard to do when you do not have much of their own data.

As you can see, these reasons are not unsolvable. No matter what the reason, the moral of the story is that you can write compelling content.

Here are 7 ideas to help write bloggers to create compelling content:

End with a question. Asking readers for their opinion at the end of the article is an open invitation to participate. This shows that you care about their opinions, and you may be surprised by how far they can go.

Start with a question. A question in the first paragraph will make people respond even if they do not read the full article. This lets everyone know right away that you have a question and need an answer.

Controversy. controversial Writing messages is always the right way to make some compromise. If your blog is more of an informational or entertainment blog, controversial topics may be appropriate. However, they can show the other side of his opinion or the other side of the story (even if you disagree).

Surveys and Contests. Creating a survey or contest, makes the commitment is inventive. It’s usually fun for readers and quick to complete.

Keep the author in question. If someone visits a blog and see that the author is responding to comments (comment specifically on all), then he / she may be more likely to engage with the article. It is always good to know that if you have something to say or have a question, the author will respond and will worry. After all, it is usually with the author with whom they want to talk to when commenting, right?

Stay up to date with the news. If there is something going on in the news, write about it! This is something that probably is on everyone’s mind, so try to tie this in your article. It is certainly to call the attention of the people, and they will be more likely to participate because they have something in common with the article.

Give Formats to important thoughts that want to stand out. You know the questions, quotes, jokes, polls and images are with what people agree. Adjusted using the text or some format to make this sort of thing show up! Even just bullet-ed help readers to see a clearer picture of what the article is about.

Learn from others. If you see an article from a blog that is generating a lot of interactions, find out what is special in that article and try to imitate. I hope these tips help you popularize your blog and create compelling content.

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