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Evaluate Your Use Of Twitter

One of the most repeated questions by almost everyone who dwells Twitter is, how do you know if I’m making good use of the tool? And not only have the directors often made marketing campaigns or Community Managers, but any normal user. Today through five simple questions and some other application we will get evaluate our good or bad use of Twitter.

Have a biography?
Six in ten Twitter users still do not have a biography on their profile. This might go unnoticed but a user with a complete biography and attractive can have eight times more followers than someone who does not. If you do not have a biography yet, stop reading this article and create it now.

Have photo on your profile?

It seems surprising but a user with pictures can come to have ten times more followers than someone who does not. The reasons seem clear; everyone wants to see the physical aspect of his followers. If you are a company, icons or logos in the same time do not help to have them in their profile picture, looking for a funny picture associated with your company and see how quickly the results notes.

Do you participate in the talks?

It means that if you do on Twitter to read tweets from other misuse doing but certainly not this full advantage of this social network.  Participate, discuss and why not discuss are some great options offered by the network social 140 characters. If your profile is a company devoted to conversation with your customers or those potential customers is essential to increase your visibility.

Your tweets Programs?

The vast majority of people use Twitter at certain times of the day and when they concentrate most of their messages, which can be very interesting but perhaps scheduling tweets can have those same customers or friends much more aware and attentive to your profile.

You control your followers??
The question may seem strange but it is very important to keep your followers controlled and not followers and they perform actions on your tweets, retweets e.g. they do, that links prick, which makes messages that has tag favorites or participate of those offer.

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