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7 SEO Reflexes to Have When You Write an Article

SEO Tricks

When you’re a blogger you write from time to time that we hope to see items on the top SERP on any keyword specialist. Obviously, it is trouble to begin work SEO for each item but there are still a few tricks SEO to follow when writing an article. The key!

A catchy title with keywords

In your title there must be two main things. Firstly, you must bring up the keyword you are targeting. Then to encourage Internet users to click on your link rather than another have a catchy title: Use terms such as "the solution ",” New tips for "etc…

Vary the keywords

The keywords can also cause you to locate expressions on which you might not have thought of or long tail phrases. And sometimes it’s better to be on the first page for a query being typed 50x in 5th page of a query typed 1000x.


Use tags <strong> (or <b>) and <i> to highlight certain keywords. If the user reads your ticket diagonally, it will have key information. In addition the engines give more importance to the words highlighted in this manner.

Fill in the alt attribute

When you add an image to your article so put one or more keywords in the Alt tag. The latter has a significant impact on SEO. Obviously, consider varying the content of these attributes. If you want to know more I suggest you read article on optimizing the images for SEO .

Improve your internal mesh

Link your different pages together. First of all, your reader will have the opportunity to navigate different pages of your site. Secondly and most importantly, you have the opportunity to make nice with beautiful anchor links optimized on the pages of your choice.

Remember the title attribute

To optimize your internal mesh specify a title tag on internal links. (And if you’re nice, do also the external links of your buddies)

Bonus: SEO plugins

There are a lot of SEO plugins, either for WordPress , Drupal or another CMS. For my part, I use the well known WordPress SEO by Yoast. I will not get into a lengthy explanation but among the reflexes to get SEO, you should think to complete, among other things, meta description: by putting a catchy text (rather than a snippet of your article) users will be more likely to click on your link when it appears in the SERPs.

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