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5 Quick Ideas to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile
improve linkedln profile

LinkedIn has become a place where establishing business contacts, find business opportunities or promote profile when looking for new professional challenges and find new employment. Like all professional networks, we must complete a LinkedIn profile that act of our card of our personal brand and, from there, take advantage of resources that this social network provides us to foster relationships with other users.

Keep our profile critical if we are finding to new professional challenges. With this in mind, let’s take a moment to review five aspects that can help us to raise our profile in LinkedIn and thus may give some impetus to our profession.


As in the world of SEO is using keywords to position a page in search engines for example, we use certain keywords as search indexes on the labels of a blog, you may want to use keywords when developing our profile LinkedIn. And how use keywords? In "Extract,” which is an area where we can write a summary of our specialties and aspirations, we describe some of our business using keywords to help other professionals to find. Optimizing our profile for searches, other professionals may get us through LinkedIn search and also because we make public our profiles (and maintain a personalized URL), it will also help us to position our profile in searches Google.

Disables the "profile under construction”When we make updates to our profile, generally they are published as news and our contacts are notified of changes. Normally, this functionality is something that suits us well because our network is seeing some momentum in our curriculum but, if we are going to undertake a considerable number of changes, perhaps this may be of interest off feed and expect to complete all changes before re-enabled. Disabling notifications get anyone to see our profile until we have finished, making sure all the details are not renewed and partially.

Enables a custom URLAs with other social networks, for example Facebook, we can set up a custom URL (or vanity URL) that points directly to our profile and also easy to remember or write. Remove the alphanumeric sequence that identifies LinkedIn profiles and use something simple action will facilitate the sharing of our profile in other social profiles to maintain and also help to improve the SEO of our profile.

Extends the visibility of your profileLinkedIn allows profiles to be private (accessible only to registered and validated in LinkedIn) or that they are public (visible to everyone).

From my point of view, public profiles are a promotional opportunity we should not miss because it will allow us to use the profile URL to share on our blog, our Twitter profile and put it into our business card and any person (whether or not a user of LinkedIn) to access our profile quickly.

Provides relevant dataIn general at the time of writing the contents of our profile, we must be honest and ensure that all information published is true and not something out of a science fiction novel. Moreover, the data must be relevant and concrete.

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