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What is the goal of different types your blog post
A Classification of Types of Posts and Their Respective Goals for a Blog

Not every blog entry gives you the same. Surely in most cases you do not break your head about the kind of post you’re writing at any time. Spontaneity is a good thing so does not miss it. Although it may be interesting to understand what each of them brings you to achieve the goals of your blog.

Different goals you can pursue with an article on your blog

There are all kinds of different posts. If you have specific goals you can make use of them depending on what you get.

Improve SEO -Certain inputs are mainly to improve the SEO of a blog. In this case the blogger usually guided by words and expressions that have a minimum volume of monthly searches. We must be careful to obsess too much for Google and stop writing for people.

Earn money through advertising revenue: Blogs are not dead but also have increasing influence on the purchase decision of the Internet user. Brands want these spaces to publish sponsored content. We must be clear to the reader when the blog include advertisers to keep their trust.

New subscribers and followers: there are certain types of articles that engage the user. Cannot resist to subscribe to the blog because they want to miss the next posts that touch the topic that interests you. There are different techniques to convert a visitor into a reader addicted to your blog.

Increase traffic and diffusion in social networks: the viral marketing there. You can always arise the "luck” factor. In most cases arises unexpectedly. Suddenly you realize that you have thousands of users to your website with a post that you have not even looked too interesting or good.

10 types of posts in text format and what you contribute as a blogger

There are no Master about blogging and honestly do not think it makes much sense to create one. If it were the case we’d probably have a module where we were talking about the impact of the post type to achieve a goal and another. Although is not training in business schools or other institutions can serve as guide you to draw more consciously depending on your goals.

1. Lists of things: aggregate and summarize is one of the basics on the Internet that provide value. One of the main benefits to the reader is the saving of time put in the same post eg "the 14 recipes that allow you to live healthily all week.” The blogger’s goal is to increase the page views of your blog whenever appearing in lists links that redirect traffic to older posts.

2. Tips of all kinds: seen that 80-90% of people who come to a blog are usually beginners seeking the advice of others who already have more expertise in a subject. These can be offered in a format than in the Anglo world is called a "How to” post. Simply using a title that starts with "How …” can keep improving your SEO over time.

3. Series of Articles: these entries are getting hook the reader. In a blog you have to generate curiosity and expectations. To convert visitors into readers have to create anxiety for the next post on your blog. The series of articles divided into digestible pieces themed and encourage becoming a follower and / or subscriber of your blog.

4. Post staff: not mean you have to share intimate details of your life. Sometimes it can be enough to imply certain issues between the lines of eg how you feel or what is your opinion about everyday aspects of life. Your readers want to connect with you so you have to show that behind the blogger who is a person.

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