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Plan your SEO Strategy with Google Analytics

How Does Google Analytics SEO Strategies?

With the latest updates on the algorithms of Google the quality of the content of the sites has become a top priority but many do not take into account an evaluation of the performance of SEO content by analysis Google Analytics.

Traffic Sources
Being able to see traffic sources Google Analytics, serves to analyze strategic detailed points of a website and know the overall performance of the searches. The data they yield are so complete; you can even see their annual performance. It also can segment analysis to identify potential opportunities in the search engine Bing traffic.

Within the SEO content analysis, the report of the landing page is one of the most interesting, as it provides information on the website to visitors arriving somewhere and may be determined by which browser was reached that page.

Thus, it is possible to rely on these statistics to separate content into different sections and thus, to capture more traffic, you can segment the report of the landing page to provide statistics for each section.

To view statistics for each section, when you open the landing pages report, write the name of the folder that has a specific section and you must click on the magnifying glass.

You can take advantage of the reports for the landing page SEO, identifying the sections of the sites with less traffic and few conversions. For these low-traffic sections, you can record the number of pages indexed and analyzed in detail, so you can decide whether you can better optimize that section or if the content should be deleted.

The report of landing pages can also be useful to identify sections of a site that have been affected by the Google algorithm, Panda.


Researching keywords has become more complicated, largely because Google has decided to remove some organic data reference.

Another way is to review the reports of the landing page, the keywords are organized by each landing page. The export of such data can be useful to know the charted for each keyword, to make better use of these data, the report can be combined with Webmaster Tools or third-party tools.

You can investigate the words that have better quality and are providing more traffic to a site, what you know, what words should be used in optimizing a page.

Know the keywords and their relation to landing pages will identify gaps in sections of a site and provide useful information to solve them.

Internal Search
Not only for SEO purposes, but to analyze the improvement of the content, you must activate in Google Analytics logging internal search of a site. These searches enable you to find new keywords and quality but also provide ideas to generate new content.

Plugins Chartelligence: It is a plugin for scanning beyond the content and to anticipate Panda algorithm updates about Google Analytics.

Google Analytics offers several very useful reports on trends of internet users, how to interpret these data and use them in favor of SEO strategies, can be an important platform to achieve the desired positioning of a page.

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