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Make your business go popular - Social Media Advertising
Do The Advertising Social Media Your Customers Will Really Get Into

1. The power of internet

Today the internet is one of the most powerful ways of advertising. Hundreds of millions of users travel over the internet daily, from everywhere in the world. The potential for advertising within its realms will certainly increase your sales.

A study from GroupM, says Internet advertising reached $99 billion in 2012. This represents 19.5% of all expenditure from advertising in 2012 while it also represents a 16.2% increase over the same year.

The share of world population using the internet has grown from 18% to 35% between 2006 and 2011, according to internet world stats by the ICT. During this 5 year study China has increased its share of world internet users from 44% to 62% in the 5 years leading to 2011. The study addresses the developing world as a whole has seen more of an increase, whilst the world population has grown from 6.5 billion to 7 billion people.

2. Why use Facebook

Generally considered the most widely used social networking website, Facebook hosts 62 million users globally. It also is alone the most evenly balanced social networking site in terms of age and gender.

A study by Pew Internet addresses all American SNS (social networking sites) stated Facebook is used by an astounding 92% of all SNS users. Second placed, MySpace with 29% and that wasn’t even when considering engagement time.  More people were visiting and engaging on Facebook every day, some 52% in-fact. At 33% Twitter was the next most visited and then MySpace 7%, LinkedIn 6%.

In terms of age, Facebook had the second highest score for ages 50-65, at 19%, second only to LinkedIn at 23% and higher then Twitter at 13%.

Facebook’s overall market research data suggests it is the most universal social networking site and it has the best results for users’ daily visits. MySpace and LinkedIn by comparison are only occasional places users visit.

3. What about the rest

If you’re able to find the right places for your social media campaigns you will be more advantageous. However picking the right ones are going to be down to what you want to invest your time and effort into. While Facebook requires a lot of time spend interacting, as with Twitter, MySpace or Beebo, there are many other ways to get social about your company. How about YouTube, Pinterest, Vine and Instagram for something more quirky, animated, visual and media driven through smartphones and cameras?

The quantity of American adults using video sharing has grown by 71% according to Pew Internet. That’s 7/10ths of America’s adult population tuning in and engaging to YouTube and Vimeo. If you’re looking to share your marketing with your audience then there is a lot of benefits from choosing video, think about making a promotional marketing video, customer testimonials, company press releases, footage of factory or offices busy at work. With these great ways there’s no other better thing to do then create a YouTube video.

4. Advertising on Facebook

What is advertising on Facebook and how is this possible?  Big corporations are now marketing on Facebook, emphasising this is a prime piece of real estate for a brand. Think about it though, nearly all SNS users have a Facebook account and over half of them are engaging every day.

It’s a free and easy way of advertising, with the real investment on Facebook being the time and engagement with your social network world. Once you have placed a bulletin with perhaps a marketing banner in, your audience will be notified and your post will go onto their wall. Every hour, every minute, your social engagement is giving you free commercial time.

You can even set up your Facebook with a top banner, a logo in the user avatar box and then start posting.  Once you join you can find friends who are already members and add them to your list, send messages, comments and get them to like your account. You’ll be able to post bulletins for them to read in no time!

Plenty of businesses have already seen the potential and have got marketing through Facebook. The great thing about marketing on the account is its account area with tools such as Stumble Upon and Digg which promote your website, products or services, which leads to more website visits and testimonials on the wall, leading to an increased volume in sales.

5. What we do at my company

The Genuine Gemstones Company is the fastest growing company in the UK and winners of The Sunday Times Fast Track 100.  Making your online campaigns optimized are important, however my business also uses Facebook for additional marketing too. Unifying campaigns on as many platforms as possible gives strength and outreach to our online marketing. A new promotion for some diamonds and emerald rings gets promoted on our website homepage for Friday. An email is sent out to our mailing list, and then to connect with over 8000 extra potential members on Facebook (and steady growing) we can have the best platform for our customers to see our campaign banner.

"The company’s No.1 appearance in the Fast Track 100, is testimony to their skill and determination to succeed” – says Sir Richard Branson in The Sunday Times.

We can talk to our customers about their shopper needs and making the most of marketing opportunities.   Our brands Gems TV and Rocks TV are strong in the UK and USA respectively, however our sole reliance is not about delivering sales through TV only.

The online marketing team over here consistently are working, planning and communicating. Facebook is one of our key areas we would like to grow, with more users engaging with us every day leading to happier and further success.

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