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Annoying Web Design Tactics that Must be Avoided

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Have you ever find that your website may be annoying? When the things came across to the website design, you have to be pretty sure about what your users hate and what they like. The following article describes what you should exclude from your website.

Some weeks ago I was surfing on net and I came across one of the website. The site was very flashy and the header was also attractive enough. The header was so attractive that you can’t ignore it any way. Some nice elements were flying in while sound effects were creating nice atmosphere. after a while when I go in depth of the site I have founded something’s like the header which is attractive,; every time when I click on new page the header restarts every time and the thing which was pleasant becomes annoying very quickly, that was disturbing the concentration and making things difficult to read. it was not the particulars mistakes many web designers, especially who are new they are fond to put their new ideas in web sites with their ideas and tend to go overboard with their design in one way or another. It is complimentary to have an attractive header but is it necessary when it annoys the visitor’s mind? In my opinion I would suggest, absolutely No!

Webmasters have to keep in mind that their website design should send a message to the visitor that should reflect the website topic not the designers programming level. check out my top 5 listing which I have found through my studies what makes your website annoying read it and find yourself that are you one of them.

1. Huge font size – if you are designing a website for people with a disability or they are aged or having weak eye sight then you are doing the right thing but if not then you are shouting. No one likes if any one shouts on them.

2. Small font size – do you want to be heard? Keep a normal tone, don’t shout but speak in a reasonable tone.

3. background music – unless if you are selling online internet CD’s or radio services then its fine but until and unless if you are not the why need to play midi/wave file on every page ?

4. Overlapping layers – layers are very useful at certain level. But not when they irritate your users. Don’t force your visitor to read your messages.

5. Pop up windows – now a day’s many popup windows are blocked by many add on tools. It actually annoys users. Instead of putting popup windows put your important message in a central place on your website.

Well so this is just an overview which annoys users but as we all know there are many things which annoys human mind it is totally depend in your readers mind. But be sure about what you put online because it is just not you who views your site but it is for everyone so keep your mind set globally across the world.

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